TURKEY COUP: U.S Alleged Involvement And The Brewing War Over Extradition Of Gulen

More than the coup that has generated tensions and attentions the world over, talks that the US government is ‘allegedly’ involved in the Turkey coup is a dangerous development that’s prone to bring Washington to a battlefield with more enemies, never imagined.

Aside, Ankara may have to learn how to reconsider the nature of their relationship with the White House.

That being a humble advice, lets have a cursory glance at the allegations levied against the US by the Erdogan government.

In its claims, Turkey maintains that Fethullah Gulen, a former ally (of Erdogan) turned foe, is involved in religious terrorism and has been consistently requested back home from his U.S. abode. In the case of the current failed coup, U.S again disagree to extradite Gulen unless irrefutable evidences of his involvement in the coup are provided.

That has since triggered mixed bags of feelings in Ankara, with the Prime Minister even ready to lock horns with Washington.

Give me my son. NO, I can’t. I can’t allow you punish him for no offence committed.

No offence you say? Yes. You have the chance to proof me wrong.

I might not have the reason to further comment on the extradition request and the brewing rift between US and Turkey but I wish to recall:

U.S was allegedly fingered in the coup that successfully unseated the erstwhile President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi. Following the military takeover that left behind a fatal history of a blood bath in Egypt, an ally of the US, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, contested and won effortlessly.

In spite of his atrocities, the U.S. practically rubber-stamped the ‘coup’ regime by giving billions of dollars of arms to the Sisi’s government.

From the above, would it be wrong that the end target wasn’t actually to distort the democratic ambience in Egypt but to come through the window of a military coup and force out the enemy for the friend to take over, eventually?

After all, democracy remains dearly important to the U.S.

Here comes my question…

As it is, can we underscore the nexus between the shield of Turkey’s enemy (Gulen as presently alleged) by the U.S and what the immediate future might look like if the coup had succeeded?

Hey! Let Turkey tread carefully.