My Comment, Others’ On Oil Spill In The Niger Delta Region Of Nigeria

Sometimes in November 2015, I was privileged to share my view on the unending environmental disaster in the ‪#‎NigerDelta‬ region of Nigeria, on that famous international show –@AJStream of @Aljazeera.
It’s really pathetic that oil spill has rendered life so miserable for the people of ‪#‎Ogoniland‬, and so unfortunately to say, it never appeared as if it would stop doing so.

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Why do oil spills continue to occur in the #NigerDelta?
Succinctly, let me put it that oil spill has been an endemic disaster in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, unlike nowhere else in the world. Reports have it that oil companies like Shell and others, in 2014 alone, have been guilty of oil spills in this region more than 500 times. You can imagine! This is a situation that never occurred in the Europe more than 10 times in 40 years.
However, the major reason why this crisis keeps occurring and re-occurring, like it’s uncontrollable, is nothing but the negligence of the Nigerian government and that of the local traditional rulers, likewise pipeline vandalization. The prime factor however, is the entrenched corruption in the whole system.
How are residents impacted?
Talking about the impact of oil spillage on residents of the #NigerDelta region, of course I must reiterate that nothing good has ever come from disaster, whatever pattern it adopts. To be honest anyway, habitants of this part of Nigeria, particularly the people of #Ogoniland, have suffered enough of ravaging havocs of oil spill and other environmental disasters.
Not only the people, the phenomenon equally poses hazardous threat to farmland and wildlife in the region. From this, life has been a complete torment for all living things in Ogoni area.
Would it be disputable if I say that people have been made to regret being residents of this Nigerian oil-producing region, having none or little benefit to show for it?
Recalling that a UN report posits that the clean up of #Ogoniland, either fast-tracked as ordered by President Muhammadu Buhari or not, would take complete 25-30 years, I feel deeply sorry for our brethren living in the region.